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1. Register Controller and Contact Person

Register controller: Kelotin Rantamajat Oy
Address: Kelotin rantamajat, Peltotievantie 34, 99440 Leppäjärvi
Phone: +35840 508 4003
Contact person: Timo Marttala

2. Registered persons

In our register we process information on Kelotin Rantamajat Oy customers.

3. Name of the Register

Customer register of Kelotin Rantamajat Oy.

4. Purpose of the Register

The purpose of the register is to keep the registered personal data up-to-date for the accommadation bussiness.

5. Personal Data to be processed

The Customer register of Kelotin Rantamajat Oy includes the following information:

  • Name of the Person
  • Addres
  • Phone number(s)
  • E-mail address
  • Other information given by the Person himself/herself

6. Regular sources of Information

The personal data is collected from the registered themselves. We also collect information from the messages sent to our website.

7. How Kelotin rantamajat Oy protects the Personal Data?

The digitally processed personal data is protected by enabling the access to it for authorized person(s) only. User name and password are required for access.

8. Delivery and Transfer of the Personal Data on Regular basis

The Personal data may be delivered to the partners of Kelotin Rantamajat Oy for the implementation of the measures and services related to our bussiness.

9. Transfer of information to the Third Countries

No transfers of information are made to the third countries.

10. How long Kelotin Rantamajat Oy will keep the Personal data?

The personal data be kept as long as required by the law.

11. Rights of the Registered Persons

A registered person has the right at any time to object against processing his/her personal data for the purposes of direct advertising. The registered person can allow or forbid the organization to do direct advertising through a certain channel (e.g., to forbid sending advertiizing messages through e-mail).

Moreover, the registered person has basically the right, based on the privacy policy laws, at any time:

  • to learn about processing of his/her personal data;
  • to require to correct or complement inaccurate and incorret personal data;
  • to require to delete his/her personal data;
  • to cancel his/her permit and to object against processing of his/her personal data not based on his/her permit;
  • to object against processing his/her personal data on the basis, related to a certain situation, when the cause of processing of the personal data is the justified interest of Kelotin Rantamajat Oy;
  • to receive his/her personal data in digital form and to transfer this data to another register controller provided that the registered person himself/herself has given the personal data to Kelotin Rantamajat Oy. Kelotin Rantamajat Oy shall process the personal data in question on the consent of the registered person and processing shall be carried out automatically;
  • to require to limit the processing of his/her personal data.

The registered person shall submit the request concerning implementation of the aforementioned right to the contact person mentioned in this Privacy Policy, whose contact information is stated in clause one. Kelotin Rantamajat OyKelotin Rantamajat Oy may ask the registered person to specify his/her request in writing and to witness his/her identity before processing the request. Kelotin Rantamajat Oy may refuse to fulfil the request on a basis imposed in the applicable law.

12. Right to Complain to the Controlling Authority

Each registered person has the right to complain to the appropriate controlling authority or to the controlling authority of the member country of the European Union, where the residence or workplace of the registered person is situated, in case the registered person considers that his/her personal data has not been processed according to the privacy policy legislation.

13. Sivuston automaattinen tiedonkeräys ja tunnistetietojen käsittely

Web Service is open for everybody and visiting of the pages does not require a registration. On the website there may be also a section requiring the registration. Personal data of the users of Web Service which gives the possibility to recognize a certain user is not collected. Statistical data can be collected about the users of the Service, like total amount of site visitors, the most popular pages, through which websites the Service is visited and left and other similar types of information. Google Analytics is used for collecting the statistical data on the website. The Privacy Policy of Google can be read in The identification data is saved in order to ensure the technical implementation and use of Web Service, as well as for development and marketing purposes. The identification data can be processed by the personnel in charge of the aforementioned tasks only, in the limits of their tasks. It is not allowed to give the identification data to the third persons except in specific situations governed by law.

14. Cookies

Cookies are small alphanumeric identification pieces, which are stored on the user’s computer when visiting a website. Our website uses cookies to enable us to offer as user-friendly and high quality Service as possible. Google collects anonym statistical data on the visitors of website in order to improve the quality of the Service. Google Analytics collects, for instance, information on the websites the user is visiting, how long the visitor stays on a certain page, in which way the visitor comes to the website and on which links he/she clicks. Google may submit information to a third party if required by law. When using our Service the user agrees to give the data according to the aforementioned conditions to Google’s use. If you don’t want that the Service would receive any data with help of cookies, you can deny cookies in the settings of the web browser. Most of the modern web browsers allow to block the use of cookies. The blockade of the use of cookies may effect on the smooth function of the Service, and we cannot guarantee the proper operation without accepting the use of cookies.

15. Social Media Links

Our website may have links and connections to websites of third parties and so called social media links (e.g. Facebook, Instagram). The use of social media links may send identification data to the service providers of the social media concerned. When opening a link you may allow the cookies of third party websites to be stored on your computer, so the controllers of these sites may monitor the use of the site, if you have registered on the social media of the service provider concerned.
The conditions of privacy, use and other conditions defined by the third party shall be applied on the services or apps available on these websites and in Service.
The register controller does not have authority to these kind of third party websites, and the register controller is not in charge of any material published or used on those web sites.

16. Changes to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy shall be updated when necessary. The latest update made on July 8, 2021.